Honcho Boots, way out in the west texas town of El Paso
 Is owned and managed by Sidney Meyers who has been connected with the western boot   
 industry, thru rodeos, quarter horses, running horses, western wear retailing, western  
 wear representative and western and custom boot manufacturing for more than 50 years. 
Honcho Boots began making  cowboy and western boots in 1999 when Sidney along with friend and partner Bob Davidson, from Cody WY, aquired another boot company in El Paso, TX that had fell on hard times. In the purchase, all of the companys boot making tools & equipment was acquired, plus all of the bootmakers that were working for this company were hired by Honcho Boots. These crafted bootmakers have hundreds of years of combined experience in making real cowboy boots. 
Most of them are still with Honcho Boots today. 
Since the start up we have contiuned to aquire and build other tools and equipment to improve our bootmaking proccesses.  
Our goal from the beginning has been to make cowboy and western boots that we are proud to put our name on. 
Sidney Meyers' Life Time affiliations: 
       American Quarter Horse Asso, Life Member  
       Louisiana Quarter Horse Asso, Life Member 
       Houston Livestock & Rodeo,   Life Member         
       Rodeo Cowboy Asso. 
       SouthWestern Rodeo Asso. 
       National High School Rodeo Asso. 
       Texas High School Rodeo Asso., Life Member 
       Louisiana Horse Racing Comm., Licensed Trainer         
       Texas Horse Racing Comm.,  Licensed Trainer